21 April 2023

WAVETEL and BMS go for integration

In 2022, French WAVETEL and Belgian BMS worked to further integrate each other's services. In 2023, this should lead to a formal merger of the two entities.

Since WAVETEL became part of the Simac family in 2018, it has become increasingly strong with BMS, especially on IT Performance, Obervability and Cyber Security. This has led to a role as IT Performance leader in the French market. There, WAVETEL/BMS works with the major telcos, banks and insurance companies to monitor the global development of their customers.

R&D projects

WAVETEL is strongly committed to developing R&D solutions. In 2022, it launched, among other things, a Load Balancer for telcos. This is an innovative tool to facilitate network data analysis. It also works through artificial intelligence to detect audio failures in communications.

Strategy for 2023

WAVETEL/BMS wants to continue firmly on the path it has taken; and then on the complete, broad range of activities in test solutions for telcos, ISPs, Data Centre operators and laboratories. New people will be hired for this, both in engineering and sales and both in Belgium, Paris and Brittany.

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