01 February 2023

Maartje van Schagen and Ine Frings join Simac management board

In recent years, Simac Techniek NV has grown into a versatile, internationally operating IT and technology partner. Simac now operates in seven countries with 18 operating companies. In order to give more focus and attention to the strategic portfolio, it was decided to expand the holding board of Simac Techniek NV by two board members.  The current holding board and the supervisory board consider it desirable for the extended holding board to have a good balance between family members and non-family members. Rejuvenation and succession also play an important role.

The current holding board consists of Eric van Schagen (CEO) and Michael van Kasteren (CFO). Simac is pleased to announce the addition of Maartje van Schagen and Ine Frings.

With effect from 1 February 2023, Maartje van Schagen will join the holding board. Her portfolio includes Simac IT NL bv (including the retail activities in Belgium), HR and corporate communication. In addition to her management position in the holding company, she will remain managing director of Simac IT NL bv.

On 1 May 2023, Ine Frings will join the holding board. Ine has extensive experience in leadership and change management in both commercial and operational environments. From her previous positions, she has built an extensive network in the south of the Netherlands. She will manage a number of operating companies and activities from the holding board. Her responsibilities will be fleshed out during the year, after she has become extensively acquainted with Simac in the first months.

As of 1 May 2023, the holding board will then look as follows:

  • Eric van Schagen (CEO)
  • Michael van Kasteren (CFO)
  • Maartje van Schagen (Board Member)
  • Ine Frings (Board Member)
Maartje van Schagen en Ine Frings

Maartje van Schagen (left) and Ine Frings.