08 February 2023

Simac and PSV extend partnership until 2031

Simac will remain Official IT Partner of PSV until at least mid-2031. Both parties have decided to expand and extend the current partnership. As from the new season, we will also provide the WiFi in the Philips Stadium. In addition, we will support PSV with further professionalization of the data platform.

New WiFi network

The cooperation with Simac will thus be extended and expanded. First, the WiFi network in the stadium will be addressed, says Simac CEO Eric van Schagen. "The WiFi will be renewed throughout the stadium. It's up to us to install very good, wireless communication there." That change is already taking place in the short term, he says: "In June, the final of the Champions League Women is in the Philips Stadium and by then it should be mostly ready.”

''We are very happy with the renewal of this great partnership. With a modernization of the WiFi network, which will last at least eight years, this partnership is extended for the same period. Therefore, opening up and extending the contract was only logical."

Frans Janssen - commercial director PSV

Switch to Microsoft Azure

From the start of the competition 2023-2024 is the total completion of the network and then 35,000 people will be able to use the WiFi network. Besides a new WiFi network, Simac will also professionalize its database. "We are switching to Microsoft Azure. That gives us as users more possibilities and it is more scalable," says Manager ICT Roy Smits.

IT partner

For a year and a half now, Simac, has been relieving PSV completely when it comes to IT. "This is from the local network to a helpdesk continuously ready to help PSV employees," Smits says. "It's a total package. Simac is a company from the region with PSV DNA. There had been a relationship for years and they can deliver what PSV asks for, we are very happy to continue with each other for years to come."