Traffic congestion Veldhoven branch

16 March 2023

As of Monday, March 20, please allow for serious traffic congestion if you need to be at the Simac Veldhoven location.

Coming from the N2 from the direction of Tilburg, make an immediate loop to the right at the exit. You will then drive around the new ASML building and approach Simac from the other side.

For traffic coming from the N2 from the other direction (Venlo/Antwerp) or from the center of Eindhoven, nothing will change.

If you come via Kempenbaan from the south (from the hospital), you can no longer approach Simac via the Kempenbaan/Run 1100 intersection. Rather, you will then have to turn left at the intersection near Groenen Construction Center and then via the residential areas to Simac. The route to Simac is signposted.

If you leave at Simac, you can go north via the new loop with direct connection to the N2. All other directions will go via the Provincialeweg (immediately right at the 'Simac traffic lights') and the intersection Run 3100/Kempenbaan.

For public transportation, the bus stop at intersection Run 1100/Kempenbaan will be eliminated. Alternative bus stops will be on Peter Zuidlaan and intersection Run 3100/Kempenbaan.