Starting from the 2021-2022 season, Simac will be the official IT partner of PSV. For the next five seasons, all PSV employees will work in an IT environment facilitated by Simac. In addition, we help PSV with various innovative projects.

One such innovative project concerns a completely new state-of-the-art WiFi network in the Philips Stadium. Together with our network partner Cisco, a completely new environment has been built, ensuring an optimal WiFi experience even during a match with a full stadium. Moreover, the network allows PSV to offer additional services. Watch the video!

A football club like PSV is all about performance. Not only on the pitch, but also in everything around it. IT is one of those things PSV absolutely has to be able to rely on. That applies to everyone involved in PSV, from employees to supporters. Moreover, IT must contribute to a top-class sporting climate. To visualise this, we made a short video together with PSV.

"A company with the DNA and capabilities of Simac suits PSV perfectly. Simac comes from the Brainport region, has a family background, reliable reputation and is at the forefront of development," Janssen continued. "Technology is indispensable for top performances. This applies in sporting aspects, but certainly also on the 'regular' shop floor. We are convinced that together with Simac we can meet all ICT challenges."

Frans Janssen - Commercial Director PSV

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Simac is de officiƫle IT-partner van PSV. Wat we voor hen doen, kunnen we ook voor uw bedrijf!

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