Email & spam disclaimer

E-mail messages from Simac are exclusively intended for the addressee(s). Simac's e-mail messages (including any attachments) are company property and may be confidential or otherwise protected from publication. Any unauthorised use, reproduction or distribution of the message (in whole or in part) is expressly forbidden. If you have mistakenly received an e-mail from Simac, we would request that you inform the sender of this immediately by e-mail or by another means. We would also request that you immediately delete this e-mail and any attachment(s) from your system.
Simac Techniek N.V., with registered office in Veldhoven, the Netherlands, registered in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 17057712 and/or its group companies shall not be liable for incorrect or incomplete transmission of information by e-mail. Neither shall it be liable for any delay in receipt, or any damage caused as a result. Simac does not guarantee that the integrity of e-mail will be preserved during transmission. Nor does it guarantee that the message or files attached to it cannot be infected by digital viruses or other infections, or that the message cannot be intercepted. We draw your attention to the fact that e-mail and attached files may be subject to changes by third parties. We would advise you, in the event of doubts as to the origin, accuracy or completeness, to contact the sender immediately.
Non-business views, opinions and statements in this e-mail message are exclusively those of the author of this message and cannot be attributed to Simac. 

Anti-spam and email filtering

Simac makes use of filters, which are frequently automatically updated, against viruses, spam, exploits and other digital threats. All incoming e-mails to Simac that have sufficient characteristics of these types shall be deleted or blocked:

  • e-mail that contains a virus will immediately be deleted;
  • e-mail source check using several international RBL ‘blacklist’ databases. On receipt the filter blocks such an e-mail and sends a standardised (SMTP) technical report back to the mail server that sent it. NB: it is the responsibility of the sender to ensure that their mail server is removed from the RBL blacklist(s) in question;
  • blocking of internationally known ‘vandal’ files;
  • blocking of e-mails containing files that can be run in them;
  • keyword filtering for undesired words or character combinations in the e-mail subject (Subject) and/or the message itself (Body). Such e-mails land in a temporary e-mail quarantine buffer and can still be released by the recipient for a few days.

Due to Simac’s e-mail filtering, but also because, within the Internet, mail is filtered for digital threats by Internet Service Providers, among others, it is possible that your e-mail might not reach Simac, whether wholly or in part. We would therefore advise, if there is any doubt in the case of an important e-mail to Simac, or a file sent to Simac, that you check whether the message and/or file has been received in good order.