26 June 2019

Simac main sponsor Grand Prix of Brabant cyclocross

The international technology company Simac from Veldhoven will be the main sponsor of the Grand Prix of Brabant for the next three years. Chairman Mieke Geeraedts of the Grand Prix of Brabant foundation and CEO Eric van Schagen of Simac announced this.

"Cyclo-crossing is especially popular in the Netherlands, Belgium and the Czech Republic," explains Simac’s CEO Eric van Schagen. “These are also the countries that are the most commercially interesting for our company. That is why this sport is ideal to attach our name. With this we can continue to work on the brand awareness of Simac. ”The cycling sport is no stranger to Simac. For many years the company has also been the name giver of the Omloop der Kempen, a classic for the top amateurs in the Netherlands.


Chairman Mieke Geeraedts emphasizes the importance of the new main sponsor. “The three-year contract with Simac as the main sponsor is of great value for the continuity of the Grand Prix of Brabant. Moreover, it offers the foundation extra space to work on further professionalizing our international cyclocross. In the past year, we have already taken major steps in this direction with the organization of the European Cross Country Championships and we are happy to continue that line. ”
Simac Grote Prijs van Brabant