15 March 2019

Simac presents 2018 annual figures

Veldhoven technology company Simac announces annual figures for 2018. Turnover grew by nearly 16%, to €258.6 million. The operating result reached €13.1 million, well above the 2017 result and the net profit amounted to €10.9 million.

Eric van Schagen, CEO, explains: “More extensive cooperation between the Dutch ICT companies, the concentration of knowledge in competence centers and the focus on market segments yielded a higher return and a healthy turnover and order entry. Contract value too increased, which is expected to drive further growth. The ICT companies in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic and France also achieved healthy growth and results, partly thanks to investments in specialist technologies (network monitoring, data centers) and new solutions (Smart Cities, Internet of Things).”

Small acquisitions strengthen the result

In addition to the ICT companies, Simac includes various companies that specialize in a specific technology niche. Nearly all of them achieved healthy growth in turnover, return and the order book. Van Schagen: “These specialist companies also form the foundation for Simac’s stability. Smaller acquisitions in the Netherlands, Belgium and France made a positive contribution to strengthening the operations and the result. Simac’s policy remains gradual widening and expansion while maintaining its solid financial position.”

Partnership is crucial

Simac aims to achieve a balanced partnership with customers. Van Schagen explains: “The pursuit of true partnerships with our customers is of great importance given the complexity of the technology and the significance of the technology for business processes. In addition to flexible and customer-oriented operations, sound knowledge and teamwork are important competences. The shortage on the labor market means the workload is high. Increasing the number of employees while maintaining quality is a challenge.”


Van Schagen expects that, like previous years, 2019 will be a successful year: “Although according to current insights it will not be possible to exceed the return of 2018. Given the dynamic nature of our operations and markets, it is important that we continue to aim for long-term investments in new technologies and solutions based on the solid foundation Simac has with long-term contracts, as well as in a proper corporate culture and an excellent financial position.”

Annual report

The complete annual report is available for download here.