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Overview of the Simac Cyber ​​Security services

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The role of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is crucial to strengthening resilience against cybercriminals.

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Security Information Event Monitoring (SIEM)

In practice, cyber criminals often take the opportunity to infect a company network unnoticed for months before an attack is carried out. Unfortunately, many companies and organizations are not yet sufficiently prepared to detect and prevent this.

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Security Risk Assessment & Gap Analysis


A Security Risk Assessment aims to identify, assess and prioritize the vulnerabilities and risks in the field of cybercrime.

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Incident Response Retainer

Effectively coordinating the technical, organizational and communication side of a cyber incident is very complex if you are not prepared.

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Security Awareness

In today's rapidly digitizing world, organizations are confronted with an increasing threat of cyberattacks that can have serious consequences for their operations, reputation, and financial stability.

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