Cyber ​​incidents occur in many shapes and sizes, from small to large, from minimal disruptions to the complete paralysis of an organization. No organization is completely immune to a cyber incident. Chances are that you will discover it yourself, but there is also a possibility that you will be pointed out by the outside world. How are you going to react then? And how will you communicate internally if the classic means such as e-mail or an intranet page are temporarily unavailable? And how do you restore the original situation as quickly as possible?

Effectively coordinating the technical, organizational and communication side of a cyber incident is very complex if you are not prepared. Not every cyber incident requires the same response, which matrix do you use to determine your response? Any delay or wrong decision can have dramatic consequences later in the process. Not only describing this well, but also practicing is crucial. Simac Cyber ​​Security helps you to be well prepared in the event of a cyber incident, and is there for you in case you become a victim.

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