Incident Response Retainer

Cyber incidents can range from minor disruptions to completely crippling an organization. No organization is immune to these threats. Whether you discover an incident yourself or are made aware of it by external parties, the question remains: how do you respond appropriately? Moreover, communicating internally during a cyber incident can be challenging when traditional means such as e-mail or intranet are temporarily unavailable. In addition, it is essential to restore the original situation as quickly as possible.

Coordinating the technical, organizational and communications aspects of a cyber incident is extremely complex unless you are well prepared. Each incident requires a specific response, but how do you determine what actions to take? Making the wrong decisions or experiencing delays can have serious consequences later in the process. Therefore, it is not only important to properly describe these processes, but also to practice them. Simac Cyber Security is ready to help you prepare for a cyber incident and to support you if you become a victim.

With Simac Cyber Security's Incident Response Retainer, you are optimally prepared for cyber incidents. Our experienced team helps you create an effective response matrix tailored to your organization. In addition, we offer training and exercises to prepare your staff for possible scenarios. In the unlikely event that you become a victim of a cyber incident, we are immediately available to you with expert support. We provide a quick and effective response so you can return to normal business operations as quickly as possible.

With Simac Cyber Security's Incident Response Retainer, not only are you well prepared for cyber incidents, but you can respond with confidence and resilience when disaster strikes. Contact us today and protect your organization from the effects of cyber attacks.

Simac Cyber Security helps you to be well prepared in case of a cyber incident, and stands by you in case you become a victim.