28 March 2023

Positive flow

Simac ICT Belgium is in a positive flow. All business units performed well, a lot is happening in the field of innovation, the outlook is bright and in 2022 the new construction of the state of the art headquarters has also started.

First, the headquarters. The existing building in Kortenberg could not in all respects face the future. So last year the shovel went into the ground. At the beginning of this year, the new building in Haasrode (near Leuven) will be completed and then gradually put into use: a beautiful, state-of-the-art building in which practically all the smart building technology you find within the Simac family has been applied. A milestone and calling card at the same time. And ... built for growth. Because the building symbolizes the ambitions of the organization.

Focus on innovation

Earlier, Simac ICT Belgium had already made the move towards adding more value to its products. In recent years, it has focused much more on services that could be delivered in addition to the existing range of solutions and products. The next step is to take this further and to increasingly present and distinguish itself in the market as an innovative party.

That path has been set in motion. Each business unit - Integration, Business Management Solutions, Professional Services and DCSS - is following its own path. That focus has already yielded contracts with large, new customers over the past year, including colleges, governments and international players in industry and the pharmaceutical sector.

Read the story of each individual business unit here:

Struggling parts market

In 2022, all business units showed strong growth. The main obstacle for a long time seemed to be the struggles on the spare parts market. Naturally, these also affected Simac ICT Belgium, as they did the entire world. Fortunately, Simac ICT Belgium was able to catch up during the last quarter. As a result, projects that needed to be completed could actually be completed.

The uncertainty in parts continues to hang over the market like a dark cloud. But the fact that Simac has always focused, for years now, on entering into long-term relationships, both with clients and suppliers, is something it - and its clients - are now reaping the benefits of.

Ambitions for 2023

The main ambition for 2023 is to continue along this path. And not only at the level of products and solutions, where the focus remains firmly on innovation, but also at customer level. Meanwhile, a director Retail Belgium has been appointed. After all, in the Netherlands Simac has been strongly represented in retail with its integrated solutions and services for many years. In Belgium, there are opportunities there.

There are opportunities anyway by working even more closely with all the 'brothers and sisters' within the family. There is so much knowledge, so much innovative power, on so many fronts, so much energy within the entire Simac family. The trick is to share that even more emphatically, for the benefit of the market.

In balance

In summary, Simac ICT Belgium is in a good flow. More than good, in fact. Hence the inauguration of the new premises comes at exactly the right time. The appearance of the building suits where Simac ICT Belgium now stands: a modern, progressive and appealing technology company that is fully in balance, both with its clients and suppliers and with itself.

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