21 April 2023

Biggest assignment ever leads to high ratings

In DCIM, Simac DCSS (Data Center & Connectivity Solutions) had the largest ever order in the company's history. It contributed to the Belgian company having another successful year. "But more importantly, the customer was super happy," he says.

Two data centers, together about 3,500 sq m in size. Task: migrate all data and make them compatible with the new system. Simac ICT Belgium's DCSS business unit succeeded, under firm time pressure, but both within the set deadline and within budget. "A top performance," Andy Vanbrabant looks back on this challenging job. The Simac DCSS director was not the only one who thought so.

"We get nothing but praise from users. Spontaneous even. And not just from the client, but especially from the users. They are the people who work with it. The fact that they are enthusiastic about how we approached and delivered this is great. And mind you: it was a project that ran for 11 months in total. If you then get so much enthusiasm back ... Yes, I am genuinely proud of that."

Andy Vanbrabant - General director Simac DCSS


The Belgian company is firmly entrenched in Belgium in the complete set-up and management of data centres and the maximum unburdening of the data centre manager. It was even the reason why the company, which has long presented itself as Simac Cabling & Infrastructure, changed its name to DCSS to emphasise the company's focus and direction.

Taking it to the next level

"There are many tools to manage your data centre, on a technical level, but also, for example, when it comes to climate control, cabling quality and so on. Not only do we help our customers choose these, we also take the management itself to the next level. We install, migrate, monitor, train and supervise. The complete process. Everything to keep a data centre functioning optimally 24/7."

Magnificent figures

The strategy to differentiate is not harming Simac DCSS. The company has been presenting splendid figures for several years in a row. That was no different in 2022. The aim is to at least match the fine figures this year: "The labour market is tight. That is a constraint at the moment. But that is the beauty of Simac: we are a family business, where it is nice to work. That works in our favour. We are ambitious and innovative, but the lines of communication are short and the atmosphere is good. That makes people enjoy working here."

If new colleagues know how to find Simac DCSS as well as the market does, it will be fine, right? "Haha ... yes, you could say so. We participate in nice bids and are on several shortlists. The competences and added value we offer as a company are seen and appreciated. Even in big projects, as I just outlined. We are making great strides. That's great to experience."

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