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Higher education faces a number of challenges that may require a range of cultural and organizational changes to stay ahead. These challenges include increasing competition, changes in regulatory obligations, Tier 4 compliance, increased student expectations and shifting funding requirements, to name a few. With more than 20 years of experience, Simac's Presto solution is proven to effectively support institutions like yours to meet some of these challenges, providing more efficient monitoring, engagement, case management and analytical support.


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We understand the challenges

We understand that technology is a powerful tool in your arsenal, but it alone does not provide the whole answer. Our experience working with various institutions on these types of projects has given us invaluable insight into many of the issues that can impact the success of a project. Some of the areas that may pose challenges include the quality of data planning, data issues in the student management system, or cultural change challenges within the institution. Understanding and recognizing the potential challenges that any project may face ensures that we can develop plans to avoid or mitigate them.


Automated attendance monitoring

Presto's automated attendance monitoring system makes managing and collecting accurate student attendance quick and easy. Presto effectively supports a wide range of collection methods for academic delivery and exams, including ID cards, self-registration, WIFI and readers or a mixed economy of technologies. For example, you can quickly identify unauthorized absences, surface and manage them in Presto's built-in PrestoFlow workflow system. Easily identify your students at risk and engage your support services much earlier to ensure more successful outcomes.


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Presto - Flexibility is key

Presto is designed to be flexible enough to evolve with your institution's policies and operational processes as they adapt to the ongoing demands of the industry. Presto will not restrict your choice of collection methods, academic delivery models or operational changes as necessary.

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