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Our access control system is a real-time online, accurate and reliable security solution that is adaptable to your processes. This way you keep the focus on what really matters: your students, your guests, your employees and your customers.


Access control

Looking for an access control system that supports your processes?


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Rooms and meeting rooms are difficult to manage and keep available for your guest, visitors or meetings. Reservo supports your processes and gives you control over your rooms and meeting rooms.


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Manage your lockers from your access control platform. Facilitating lockers, access control and attendance monitoring with just one identification code.


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Loan administration

Want to lend items and objects to larger groups, but be able to track who has borrowed the product and where it goes? This can be done with a small label or label, if you choose Rento.


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Access to experience

Access to experience Security is important regardless of location, but it should not become an obstacle or hindrance to performance. We believe that the access control system you use should support the experience you have in mind for your guests, clients or employees and visitors, without compromising the level of security you want to offer.



Pronto offers you the opportunity to integrate your business process into the solution. This allows you to manage your processes and system from just one platform. Facilitating access to your park, building, rooms, lockers and all other facilities that your institution, park or office has to offer.


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