Do you manage general meeting rooms? Areas where expensive items are stored and which should always be locked? Do multiple departments or companies use your meeting room?

Simac has the solution you are looking for.


Reserve real-time and online meeting rooms

Reservo offers you the opportunity to easily reserve a meeting room and gain access to this closed space. Unauthorized use is no longer possible.

Reservo is integrated with, for example, MS Outlook. All you have to do is indicate the meeting room in your Outlook contact addresses file. The room is immediately reserved when someone indicates in Outlook that a meeting will take place. The participants' passes are immediately released for entry. There is a pass reader in the meeting room. This controls the electronic lock.

Limited passes, limited costs

Do you already have a standard MiFare card in use? Then this card can be used for this application without further adjustments. Of course, Reservo can also be supplied with a limited number of passes, such as department passes.

You do not have to provide everyone with a pass.

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