Access control is traditionally a security solution that provides a safe environment for work, living and leisure. This safety that is offered is very important to allow people to do their work, live freely or enjoy their holidays even more. But it is not always in line with your business processes. Are your business processes affected by the strict security measures?


Support business processes

Security is mechanically the location important, but it should not be an obstacle or nuisance to recognize. Wouldn't it be great if security could be combined with your business processes?


"It not only provides access, but also facilitates multiple applications based on one identifier"

Anywhere, anytime and anywhere

Pronto is a real-time access control system. It provides you with real-time information about any location at any time and grants direct on-site access based on this information. With the knowledge that your work and arrival processes are fully integrated into the solution, it gives your employees, customers, visitors and guests the entrance experience you designed.


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