Immediate insight

Every academic user is interested in the progress of their students. But how and where do they get a direct overview?

Presto Academic offers a tailor-made dashboard that gives them immediate insight into the progress of their students, whether that is notifications for high-risk student matters, or attendance and VLE usage for the module they are currently teaching. Data is presented to the user in a variety of attractive and easy-to-analyze ways, through interactive pie charts, progress bars, and heat maps.

Presto Academic
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Data protection

Presto replicates your institution's data so users only have access to student data that is relevant to them.

Access rights can be further defined and refined within PrestoAcademic, down to each step of case management, ensuring your student data is kept secure.


Tailor-made for your institution

PrestoAcademic allows users to easily view their class schedule and also register student attendance with the click of a button. Presto's DigiBook allows academic users to view live updates on student self-registration, as well as register students as absent or present themselves. DigiBook will also inform academics of any absences of students registered for that session, ensuring academics are always kept informed.


Reliable timetable data

PrestoAcademic has an open API and can be integrated with your institution's scheduling system. The class schedule data is updated live if there is a change in your schedule.


Case management

PrestoAcademic gives academic users general insights into their student behavior, but also informs them when a case or student is open. PrestoAcademic takes the work out of identifying students who may be behind or need extra assistant, with intuitive and tailored business rules, so your academics can focus on helping those students have the best experience.

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