Assessment efficiency

PrestoExam easily allows Institutions to move their Assessment procedures online, including attendance capture, identity confirmation, script collection and reporting. Ensure better record keeping, simpler auditing and improved student experience by improving the efficiency of your Assessments. 

Student Attendance Capture and Identity Confirmation

PrestoExam empowers invigilators and Institutions to confirm student identity during assessments with ease. Student photographs and responsive design enable quick and easy identity confirmation on tablets and mobile devices. Simply walk around the assessment location and register attendance by touching the screen.

Searching for students in an assessment has never been so simple. Any user can search for a student on the move, by name, number and even barcode. Simply use PrestoExam’s barcode search function to find students instantly.

Simple icons keep users instantly updated on the number of students in the exam, and the attendance percentage.

Simple reporting

Simple reporting functionality enables easy data analysis and sharing. Bespoke attendance reports can be created instantly.

We all hope that examinations and assessments will run without issue, but for when they don’t – PrestoExam’s comprehensive incident logger is there to help. It is vital to ensure that all incidents are logged within your assessments, to ensure the best possible conditions for your students. PrestoExam allows for multiple incident loggings against sessions, exams, and students – so whether it’s construction noise, or a ringing phone, you’ll be able to capture it in real time by using the incident logging functionality. PrestoExam ensures that all incidents are recorded accurately, regardless of how many exams and students are using the space. Every time a user logs an incident in PrestoExam, the user and incident log time are made available for simplified auditing. There are no limits on the number of incidents than can be logged in one session. 

Never lose a script again

All incidents are easily accessible in the incident reporting functionality whenever you need them.

Extra student provisions can be difficult to administer and keep track of in a busy examination environment, With PrestoExam you have the information available to you instantly and comprehensively on your device, ensuring your students receive the best experience to excel in their examinations.
Collecting scripts and materials in fast paced, large scale examinations is a manual resource heavy, and complex process that, without the right tools, can be at risk of errors, loss, and inefficiency. Examinations require extra resource and extra space, which are large investments for Institutions, PrestoExam protects those investments.  
Automated script collection: Each student script can be recorded against the student record at the touch of a button.  

Audit trail: A live script total will show users how many scripts have been collected, and how many are missing. Users are automatically alerted to any discrepancies between attendees and scripts, as well as detailing which scripts are missing. PrestoExam ensures you will never lose a script again.  
Reporting: PrestoExam has a responsive and configurable reporting function that enables users to create bespoke script collection data by time location, session, exam, and student

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