Engagement monitoring

Everyone within an educational institution is concerned with the guidance of students and the quality of education on a daily basis.

Every effort is made to support and guide students so that they successfully reach the finish line.

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It is crucial to keep students engaged in their education and reduce the risk of dropping out. The impact of dropping out is significant for the student, but the impact of dropping out is also significant for an institution. Just think of the financial consequences, administrative costs, targets that are not achieved and also damage to image.


We understand your challenges

Simac understands better than anyone what your primary objectives are: providing good education, transferring knowledge, student support, research and contributing to the local environment and far beyond.  PrestoFlow ensures that you can keep your attention on the primary process and that you are supported by technology at the right times in a natural way. Effective monitoring of a student's involvement, early detection that enables us to proactively provide the support the student needs. So that you can follow the plan together with the student and take the necessary actions to successfully reach the finish line.

Proces flow

PrestoFlow not only identifies early, but also follows the processes you have set up to support these students. Based on your own business rules, you determine how PrestoFlow signals and reports. Whether it concerns legal regulations or a specific process and/or activity, PrestoFlow ensures that you remain in control and can keep your attention on the primary process. Powerful dashboards and well-designed reports help you with this

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PrestoFlow is a separate module that fully integrates with the Presto attendance registration suite, scheduling packages and student information systems.

For us, integration means that we combine your data even more valuable and use it for your support and decision-making

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