PrestoFlow support system

PrestoFlow is a workflow support system that allows you to define and automate the wide range of business processes that feed into student engagement and support, relieving administrative resource, and allowing for improved student engagement and retention. 

We believe in a holistic approach to student engagement and appreciate that a number of variables need to be considered, outside of simply attendance. Library usage, accessing online learning materials and other factors can be incorporated in to PrestoFlow, to ensure all detection of at-risk students is intuitive, and nuanced, to your student body.

Early detection of at-risk students is a priority for all institutions and we appreciate that a large amount of resource and manual process is required to administer the relevant intervention processes. We have developed the PrestoFlow system to work in synchronicity with Presto Attendance monitoring system, to enable Institutions to effectively, and quickly, provide the correct, bespoke support for its students.

Define your own treshold

PrestoFlow allows the Institution to define its own, individual thresholds for low engagement. The range of conditions used, to detect at risk students, can be informed by student course, status, and needs. This is particularly useful when considering the Institution’s reporting duties for funded, vocational students and Tier 4 International students.

Intuitive detection also allows for intuitive intervention. As an institution, you can ensure that the relevant team is alerted to any at risk students that fall into their remit of care, whether that be disability services, or Faculty based academic support. Supporting students proactively, dependent on their needs, improves their experience, and likelihood of success.


With an accessible and dynamic dashboard, and suite of reports, staff members are themselves able to engage with the system easily and readily.

Over time, you can review trends in student engagement collected through PrestoFlow, and feed these analytics back into the system, to ensure your approach to improving student engagement is adaptive, and constantly refining.


PrestoFlow is a separate module within the Presto suite that seamlessly integrates with Presto, timetabling suites and student information systems.

Integration for us means enriching and combining your data for your support and decisioning.

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