Managed Print Services

Automated Supplies Fulfilment

Delivering printer supplies (ink/toner) is always a balancing act between managing both just-in-time delivery and logistic shipment costs. You don’t want the delivery to be too early jeopardizing customer satisfaction due to supplies getting lost.

Optimization supplies deliveries

Furthermore, in a cost-per-page situation early deliveries result in a lower margin as replacement will likely take place before supplies are empty. But on the other hand, you want to keep shipment costs under control by combining supplies deliveries.
So the question is, how can we bring this balancing act to a good end?
The answer is Automated Supplies Fulfilment, an excellent service to optimize your supplies deliveries. 

Just-in-time fulfilment

Automated Supplies Fulfilment is a just-in-time supplies delivery service using predictive analyses to find the optimal balance between just-in-time delivery and the associated logistic costs. Setting customer experience as the most important parameter in the centre of the supplies fulfilment strategy, the Automated Supplies Fulfilment service balances printing history, days remaining, replenishment period, total printer fleet, days to deliver and supplies capacity to an optimum. Final result is a supplies order automatically created in your system.

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Total printer fleet automatically initiates the orders
Elimination of manual entry of supplies orders
Long term 'buyer-seller' relationship