Resellers operating in the Small Medium Business (SMB) still are selling printing devices with tight margins, whereas much higher margins can be made on the consumables that are often sold by other parties. At the same time we see the cost-per-page erosion in the Enterprise Business and the move to multi-function colour devices in the SMB market.

Channel Management Print Services solutions

These moves in the printing market bring new business opportunities for the Printer Vendor and its Resellers. The Reseller is the perfect partner for the Printer Vendor to grow the profit and revenue for both organizations.The question is how to take advantage of these business opportunities and how to gain the interest of the Resellers to get a cut of the profit every time the print button is pressed. The answer is a Managed Print Services (MPS).

Printer Vendor and Reseller

That’s where the Printer Vendor steps in providing the Reseller with a transparent, easy-to-use Channel MPS solution. Enabling the Reseller to grow from a box mover into a printing solution seller, making use of a modular Channel MPS Solution. The Printer Vendor fully facilitates the Reseller in top selling MPS without administrative burden for the Reseller. The web based MPS tools provided by the Vendor will guide the Reseller smoothly through MPS selling activities and the Reseller doesn't need to keep a contract and billing administration itself.

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Enable Partners selling MPS in SMB domain
Reduce chance of Vendor churn at device end of life
Vendor & Partner Win-Win source of recurring revenue