Managed Print Services

Managed “Thermal” Print Services

We can imagine the impact when there is no longer electricity or even internet. But what would happen when our thermal printers go down for any reason or can not be provided any longer with supplies.

Our healthcare facilities would face severe problems to manage patient identification and specimen collection. Parcel delivery services and many manufacturers come to a hold without their vital track and trace capabilities. And retailers can’t sell without shelf-edge price, product labels and inventory management to ensure product availability.
They all need their thermal printers and supplies to be available – and reliable – 24/7.

Managed Print Services solution for Thermal Printers

When you needed a thermal printer, you would call a Zebra partner or (possibly) a competitor to buy the hardware. Once the printer was delivered and installed, it was up to you to maintain the reliability and the supplies availability. That has changed! Now you have the option to turn over the service management and supplies responsibilities like you do for all of your office printers.

Our comprehensive Managed “Thermal” Print Services solution

With our solution, offering Managed Print Services for thermal printers will also become available for many more thermal printer Resellers. Our Managed “Thermal” Print Services solution is designed to provide resellers with the collaborative infrastructure to enable them to extend their Managed Print Services offerings to thermal printers.

Are you interested in the most effective way to offer Managed “Thermal” Print Services to your customers? Please contact us or look at our other Managed Print Services solutions.

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Managed “Thermal” Print Services
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