Channel MPS Solution

Purchase & Install the devices

Once the Managed Print Services deal has been closed the next challenge is to deliver a performance in line with the customer’s expectation level.

Delivery and installation

This all starts with purchasing the right configurations composed by the powerful configurator during the sales job. To streamline the procurement process  the MPS contract follows the workflow stages from sales to contract validation to purchasing. Electronic data pass-through guarantees the controlled error free procurement and installation.

Installed Base information

Insight into product usage is vital as the sale of new devices almost always requires a replacement of existing units, while profitability is reliant on how many pages each of these devices produce once installed. To guarantee 100% correct installed base information a unique technical handshake is implemented between the device in the field and the Channel MPS Solution. That enables a complete and constant view on the installed base information at any time during the contract life time.

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Seamless integration from MPS sales till installation
Adequate segregation of duties to run Channel MPS
Error-free and in full installed base data