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Asses & Sell MPS contract

"Selling Managed Print Services is more difficult than it seems in the first instance" is an often used statement. Well working out a cost-per-page can be problematic. Even more challenging is an audit of a customer's or prospect's existing printer fleet, needed to identify their printing needs. And not to forget, the struggle to configure a high volume multi function device with all kind of options.

Selling managed print services

All true, but using the right tools makes MPS selling an easy job for the Reseller. Our MPS tools quickly and easily generates complete and error-free quotations, contracts, and other documents. The powerful configurator guarantees the selection of a working configuration including hardware, optional functions and a selection of services and solutions. And the outcome is all priced with a contract type dependent cost-per-page, taking into account volumes and Reseller margin. The tool also monitores a proper completion of the quotation process. At any stage it is clearly visible what the status and next step is. Authorization and credit approval steps can be implemented. And of course a complete overview of all quotes and quote versions is available at any time.

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Full visibility on the funnel and sales cycle progress
Saves time to complete an error-free offering
End to end e-guided selling approach