Channel MPS Solution

(e-)Service & Supplies Fulfilment

Managed Print Services service and supplies delivery has become an increasingly challenging business as customers demand improved quality and speed of service while Managed Print Services providers are driven to reduce the cost of delivery.

Effective solutions

Nowadays effective service and supplies delivery requires advanced support by sophisticated tools enabling closed loop performance management. These tools are embedded in the Channel MPS cloud-based service and supplies fulfilment platform.

Closed loop performance management

The closed loop performance management of a Managed Print Services contract requires an Internet of Things strategy. This strategy leverages the device network connectivity with the Channel MPS cloud-based platform enabling fully automated service and supplies fulfilment based on the data exchange with the devices. So without user intervention service and supplies needs are transformed into orders to the Printer Vendor or its designated MPS business partners that subsequently take care of service and supplies delivery.

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Fulfilment status visibility for Customer, Reseller & Vendor
Cloud platform enabling requests/enquiries anytime
Device initiated without manual intervention