We offer highly specialised technology solutions for various niche markets. What are we talking about? Below is an outline.

Machine vision solutions by Simac

Machine vision solutions

Machine vision is a technology used for automatic inspection and analysis based on image technology. With, for example, our automated plunger & stopper inspection machines for the pharmaceutical industry, we are seen as the technical market leader in the world.

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Mechatronics by Simac


Industrial production companies require increasingly accurate, flexible, efficient and transparent production in a stable and reliable environment. Simac will gladly assist you in the development and realisation of complex turn-key projects in your industrial production environment.

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ID solutions by Simac

ID solutions

We provide solutions for personal identification and registration and for access provision. You will come across our solutions particularly in education, healthcare, data centers and holiday parks.

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Connectivity by Simac


We divide our connectivity solutions into passive and active components. We have the best solution for every situation, even if it is not standard.

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Document automation by Simac

Document automation

Do you want to digitise processes that involve data and documents? Then you have come to the right place. We offer a wide range of solutions for the automatic processing of documents.

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Invoice processing by Simac

Invoice processing

We offer smart solutions for digitising and automating incoming invoices. This gives you access to your invoices anytime, anywhere, and gives you more insight and control.

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Industrial automation by Simac

Industrial automation

Operational processes are becoming increasingly complex and the communication between man, machine and software is intensifying. Simac supplies specialised software engineers and project leaders.

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Managed Print Services by Simac

Managed Print Services

For printer resellers, we offer a transparent, user-friendly Channel MPS solution that they can offer to their indirect channel under their own label. The reseller does not need to maintain quotation, contract and invoice administration.

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Installation and measurement equipment by Simac

Installation and measurement equipment

We divide our installation and measuring solutions into three categories, namely: welding and connecting glass fibres, testing and measuring glass fibres and copper cables and glass fibre tools.

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Social Domain software platform by Simac

Social Domain software platform

Our software platform CS 2.0 has bundled all the tasks of the municipalities, from A to Z, including front and back office, in one system: for WMO, Participation Act, Youth Act, Work & Income, Debt Service, CJG and Safe Home.

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Privacy Information Management System by Simac

Privacy Information Management System

Complying with the GDPR laws and regulations is quite a responsibility. Simac PIMS helps the privacy team to maintain an overview and to take the right actions so that your organisation is GDPR-compliant.

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E-learning by Simac


With LearningBox, Simac offers an extremely varied digital learning environment. Take advantage of our necessary expertise in the areas of education, functional and technical management, interaction design and project management.

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