Simac PHI DATA engages in digitisation solutions (so-called Smart Edge solutions) that are close to the client's core process: the physical chain is integrated with the digital chain in real time. We help clients optimise logistics flows, track material assets and improve the efficiency of the employees involved through tracking & tracing and Internet-of-Things solutions.

Your partner in the digitisation of business processes

Digital transformation offers enormous opportunities in terms of process optimisation and insight. As creator and integrator of Smart Edge solutions, we at Simac PHI DATA do everything we can to support your organisation in digitalisation.

Through the combination of innovative technology and proven solutions on the one hand and our professional services on the other, we support you in your most important objectives:

  • Increased productivity and operational efficiency
  • Increased convenience, safety and regulatory compliance
  • Visibility into your goods, assets and people

Smart Edge solutions for your organisation

Simac PHI DATA's solutions connect your physical and digital chain and optimise processes in the process. It is the "smart edge" where the physical and digital chains integrate with each other thanks to our Smart Edge solutions.

Our Smart Edge solutions consist of SaaS-based software and use various innovative technologies and systems. By this we mean automatic identification (barcode, rfid, iot), labelling, scanning, real-time localisation, condition monitoring and mobile computing.

Simac PHI DATA lets you benefit from all the advantages that new technologies offer on the basis of proven technology. Besides an extensive product portfolio, we offer advice, brand-independent system integration, software solutions and (managed) services. 

Since optimisation is a never-ending story, you can of course also come to us for all migration and improvement projects.

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