Non-residential building and data communication

Data communication within non-residential construction is becoming increasingly important. Network and server rooms must function more powerful, with speeds, capabilities and guarantees playing a major role. For over 10 years we have specialized in these environments of infrastructures and communication. Our team of more than 40 driven technical and commercial specialists will be happy to help you.

Products and services

Our reliable and high-quality measurement and connection solutions can be found in various applications, such as:
- Network and server rooms
- LAN connections
- Broadcast applications

More than just data and telephony

These networks are now mainly used for data and telephony. The new standards provide power over ethernet (PoE) where local ICT is fed. Another application of this is, for example, feeding and controlling lighting. We are happy to help you organize the square meters energy-saving and yield-oriented so that you are ready for the future.