SAP services

Simac supplies specialised SAP services with the aim of safeguarding a company’s business operations based on ERP and ICT. In the area of SAP services we focus on:

  • Product development (Careview care information system)
  • Consultancy (advice at management level)
  • ICT support (system development and integration)
  • Outsourcing (application management and business process outsourcing)
  • Implementation/management of SAP systems
  • Training end users

Conscious choice for care, retail and manufacturing

At Simac we are aware that the basis for successful SAP services is knowing your industry through and through. We need to speak the same ‘language’ as your people. We have therefore made the decision to focus with our SAP services specifically on the care, retail and manufacturing industries.

Experience required of SAP services staff

Our employees have years of experience in supplying and implementing SAP services for a wide variety of clients. Our customers ask for guidance, often on a continuous basis, in defining projects and providing services (management). We give them this support and guidance through an ideal mix of analysis, advice, development and implementation.