ICT, in whatever form, has become increasingly important in education. Through our years of experience in IT solutions (Secondary, FE and HE) we have witnessed this development from the front row. Educational institutions are focussing on topics such as electronic and personal learning environments. The collection, analysis and reporting of data from and about students and their performance is in the spotlight.

Solutions for document automation

Our services for solutions in education go even further. You can contact us for absence and examination forms. From secondary education to Universities, we have accumulated both breadth and depth of experience. Our expertise has been proven in the Netherlands with our solution for the CITO-test. This test is processed with a scan and recognition solution from Simac that dramatically improves the efficiency of test delivery and administration. We have also implemented our e-invoice solution at several institutions.

Access control and attendance

Education is large scale and requires an increasing amount of administrative work to support higher quality and more sophisticated services. Within our product range, we offer specific solutions for attendance monitoring, planning & timetabling and online access control. We are well aware that each sector has differing requirements; In secondary education it is important to know who is absent, in FE the accounting information is of particular importance, as is the improvement of retention rates. HE particularly emphasises improvement of retention rates and exam registration. In professional education attending courses is most important. Our solutions for education are tuned to all of these needs and more.


E-learning is almost impossible to ignore within education. Creating a good e-learning requires a multidisciplinary approach. Within Simac we have the knowledge and experience of various disciplines that are all used and have to work together to eventually realize fully equipped e-learning. Necessary expertises are: educational sciences, functional and technical management, interaction design, conversion capacity of teaching materials and project management. For additional competences we have a wide network of partners and specialists to exhaust. Examples include voice actors and a film crew.