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Welcome to Simac | Your Expert Desk, your managed service partner and first point of contact for all your technical questions. Your Expert Desk is a standard part of the service you receive when using a Simac solution. We understand that technology is only a tool and that human work is the key to great projects, high-quality performance and excellent results. At Your Expert Desk, people-oriented IT support is the central theme for both the individual user and the IT department of your organisation. Our team of experts knows what's going on in your business and has in-depth knowledge of all IT-related matters. Your Expert Desk provides reliable support with a personal touch, so you can focus on what really matters.

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Customised IT support
Customised support

Your Expert Desk consists of a solid base with several optional services. Choose from three service windows for the right support when you need it. However you compose Your Expert Desk, you can always count on high-quality and personal IT support. 

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Single point of contact
Single Point of Contact

Your Expert Desk serves as a central Single Point of Contact for all your IT-related questions and problems. As a result, employees in your organisation know their questions will be handled correctly by Your Expert Desk. 

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Omnichannel customer service
Omnichannel customer service

In addition to the IT customer portal that gives you access to various functionalities, Your Expert Desk offers a seamless omnichannel experience. This not only increases user satisfaction but also ensures that incidents can be handled faster.

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People-oriented support

Your Expert Desk has extensive knowledge about everything related to automation. We provide personal support and strive for user self-reliance and independence through knowledge improvement.

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People-oriented IT support

At Your Expert Desk, people are the key element. Technology and IT solutions are a means to help out users and optimise their daily work. That is why we not only work according to the highest standards and latest techniques, but we also attach great importance to the personal approach of our services. Our IT experts build on years of experience. They know better than anyone that human contact is often necessary to properly define an issue and offer an effective solution. Whether it concerns a simple question or a more complex problem, you can always count on expert personal contact. This allows us to ensure you receive the best IT support that suits your specific situation, and you can quickly get back to work!

Flexible set-up with standard elements

Your Expert Desk is a flexible service you configure using standardised components. These components contain a wide range of possibilities. From different service windows to issue handling preferences to how you like to get in touch with Your Expert Desk. Based on our expertise, we have already pre-configured the ideal components, but you can always expand these with personalised elements. With this method, you are always assured of IT support that fits your organisation, and you never have to make concessions regarding flexibility or quality. You can simply scale up and down and respond to what is important to your organisation at that moment.

Service windows

Your Expert Desk is available in three service windows for greater flexibility and availability. This way, your organisation always receives the right IT support when you need it!

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