The leisure sector is extremely dynamic. Companies in this sector face constantly changing trends when it comes to people’s leisure activities. 

Our ICT solutions for the leisure market help you to tackle current and future challenges.

Identification solutions (or ID solutions)

Process automation has been among our core activities for years. Specifically for the leisure market, we offer ICT solutions in the area of identification management and RFID. An advanced identity card system simplifies a great many of your activities. On the basis of bookings and reservations, rights can be granted to various activities and applications. Whether access to accommodation, fitness or payments are concerned, our set of solutions allows you to make all these things accessible with a single card.

Networks and security

An important role within our ICT solutions for the leisure market is played by ICT services focused on the ICT infrastructure. Specifically in the area of networks and security, we have gained a lot of experience within the leisure sector.