Mechanical engineering

Nowadays, machines are ever faster, smaller and more complex. The control and data transfer (often ethernet via PLCs) are therefore also faster and more complex. The production method changed in a revolutionary way through the integration of the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, data integration and other technological developments in the core of production and production systems. The Internet of Things uses the cloud to store and automate processes in objects. Think of a self-driving car or a smart thermostat with which you can operate the temperature remotely.

Industry 4.0; the connection has never been so crucial

Industry 4.0 links the possibilities of cloud computing to the Internet of Things, enabling processes and devices to be controlled remotely from anywhere on earth, provided there is an internet connection. In a factory that is Industry 4.0-proof, the workflow, maintenance and management of the production process and of each individual machine can be controlled remotely. In addition, the cables, connections and connections in these machines must meet ever higher requirements. This may involve low-frequency control cables, microwave cable assemblies or copper and fiberglass assemblies. All this without affecting the reliability. With Kypros and Radox products we have solutions for every market in our product portfolio.

We offer various products for machine building, such as:
- Microwave cable assemblies.
- RF connectors, cables and components.
- Coax connectors, cables and components
- Copper (Cat.) Connectors, cables and components.
- Fiber optic cabling components.
- Radox fiberglass, CAT7 rail cat and even Milcat components.
- Wire and cable: also for applications in protected areas or abroad where other standards apply such as: ATEX, UL, CSA or MIL-spec approved cables and installation cables.

Semi-Rigid, the form-retaining microwave cable

The Semi-Rigid cable is unique because it is easy to bend and stays in the right shape. In addition, these Huber + Suhner cables have extremely good electrical properties, with in particular an impedance tolerance of only 0.5Ω for a .141 "diameter cable, making the Semi-rigid cable ideal for the most extreme, crucial applications.

RF print connectors

We offer you a complete portfolio of Huber + Suhner RF connectors. In our portfolio we have also included RF connectors, especially for connections to and from PCBs. For example, think of connections from PCBs to cables, but also from PCBs to PCBs. These are the so-called Board-to-Board connectors.


A real breakthrough in the field of developments in wire and cable! The type of assembly cable, the EcoWire, is fully recyclable. This is possible by using unique insulating material, in the form of a modified Polyphenylene Ether (mPPE) thermoplastic. This insulation is halogen-free and contains no pigments with heavy metals.
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