In our densely populated country a lot is traveled by public transport. In addition to bandwidth for passengers, more and more important data is transmitted wirelessly to and from these vehicles. For example, safety systems for a train or metro, location of buses and information about the status of a tram. Nowadays a reliable connectivity / connection is indispensable!

Connection solutions that meet the most stringent safety requirements

With the stricter regulations and safety requirements, not every cable or antenna can be placed on a train, metro, tram or bus. Cables must meet certain fire and low-smoke requirements. Stricter rules apply to antennae. Suppose a high-voltage line breaks through and falls exactly on the antenna. The antenna must therefore be able to withstand these high voltages so that no danger can arise for passengers or staff. Our manufacturer partner Huber + Suhner is the global market leader in such antennae. Simac Electronics provides the right advice for you! In combination with the right coax cables, a total connection concept is created. To be able to meet your specific wishes, customization is always possible in such applications.

Another trend is that more and more glass fiber is used in public transport. These glass fibers must be robust and suitable for high availability and long-term use. In addition, certainly not unimportant, does not dissolve during use. We are happy to advise you on the right products that best suit your application.

Train cabling

Train cabling must meet high requirements and standards. The cables must be halogen-free, flame-extinguishing, low smoke, compact and corrosion resistant. The cables must also comply with different standards, such as: EN 45545-2, BS 6853-la, lb, ll, DIN 5510 - 1 to 4, NF F 16-101-C / F0, IEC 60331 and NF F 63808. Our 'crosslinked Radox' casing meets the above-mentioned requirements and standards, with which we provide you with an excellent solution for connections in trains.

Automotive Connectors

With Huber + Suhner we offer you a complete range of connectors especially for the automotive market. The ACR connectors (automotive radio frequency connectors) meet all the requirements of automotive electronics in the field of Multimedia, Telematics, Safety and Security. These ARC connectors are compatible with the international ISO 20860, the North American SAE / USCAR and the German DIN 72594 (FAKRA) standard. The design is based on the interface of the SMB connector in accordance with the IEC 169-10 standard. The additional plastic housing with mechanical seal ensures that unloading is prevented.

Select the correct connection for your specific application

Not only communication cables and antennas are used in vehicles. Signal, steering and power cables are in an emerging market. The new "cleaner" vehicles, which run on batteries, need considerably more cables than in the past. There are also other requirements for these cables. In our portfolio you will find a wide range of LF cables from our Swiss manufacturer Huber + Suhner. These cables, including the patented RADOX ones, are increasingly common in vehicles. Because of their unique composition of the right jacket materials (Radox), the right way of bundling the copper in the cable and the high-quality copper, these cables are very robust, compact and pleasant to handle. Moreover, these cables have a very long service life.

Do you have questions about our connection solutions for transport purposes? Then contact us!