Defence and security

We have been operating in this market for more than twenty years. The knowledge we have gained in these years is reflected in our specified solutions. Our team of forty five specialized and highly motivated technical and commercial professionals are happy to help with any questions you may have.Our reliable and high-quality measurement and connectivity solutions can be found in various applications, such as:


Simac Electronics has the best solutions for antenna systems that are suitable for the most extreme circumstances. We will assist you with complex requirements for covert vehicles antennas, man-packs, compact TACSAT-configurations or whole antenna plants. For years, we have been working together with the Swiss high-quality brand Huber+Suhner. We would like to provide you with the best solution for every challenge. Therefore, we also selected other antenna manufacturers so we can offer you a wide range of alternatives.


Within the Benelux, we are the distributor of high-tech batteries and chargers of Denchi Power. With these products, Simac offers a highly robust solution where you can always rely on.

Expanded Beam Connectors

Defence and security organizations operate in harsh environments. Fiber optic connections and a harsh environment are not simple to combine. Nonetheless, we found the perfect solution for this challenge. The Stratos and FibreCo Expanded Beam fiber optic connectors are designed to create a reliable connection and can easily be connected in a harsh environment. Sand and dust are not a problem for the Expanded Beam Connectors. The sophisticated lenses in the connectors make sure that the signal is transferred correctly into the next connector. If sand and dust contaminate the material, rinsing and drying is often enough to make the connection function properly again. The connectors are available in versions ranging from 2 to 16 fibers. We can also combine copper and fiber optic in so-called hybrid connectors. These are used for hybrid cables that provide systems with both power and data signals.

Coax and cables

Besides expanded beam connectors, we also deliver copper and coax products such as excellent low loss or shielded cables for harsh environments. Simac Electronics also offers you copper wires for vehicles and data applications in standard settings. Standardized cables are naturally in our assortment as well.

EMP and filters

In the case of lightning or an overvoltage, the RF-line can become irreparably damaged which results in a bad or broken connection. Thankfully, it is possible to protect every RF-line for these complications.The lightning protection systems we offer, are placed between the antenna and transmitter or receiver. These security systems are also called Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) protectors, Lighting (LP) Protectors or Surge Protectors. They have a range from DC up to18GHz and are available in three different technologies: the Quarter-wave stub, the gas capsule principle, and the hybrid (fine) protectors. Our team is very pleased to advise you about using the appropriate type for your practice.

Filters and passive RF Components

In your branch, radio communication through the usual channels is not always possible. You need to take different prerequisites into account. Long distances, mountains, forests and potential interceptions might have an influence. Moreover, various radio systems often need to operate alongside each other without influencing one another. The disturbance of signals of third parties is sometimes desired, but it must never disturb the initial communication. Handling these signals is a challenge that requires high-end filters and passive RF components. We can design and develop custom-specific filters, such as a filter with a fixed frequency or a tuneable electronic version. Besides custom-made filters, Simac Electronics offers passive RF materials like combiners, couplers, splitters, adapters and connectors.

Measuring cables

To measure RF applications, radios and systems, expensive equipment is often needed. We verify that the measurement is executed correctly by using a custom RF cable and the right connectors. By taking the time, asking spot-on questions and verifying the parameters and specifications, we can provide you with an optimal advice.

Robust and reliable

In extreme circumstances, you need accurate communication systems. Simac Electronics connects without borders and understands the importance of reliable systems and environmental requirements that security organizations and Defence need to take into account. Our technology maintains its functionality at all times. Our fiber optic equipment, fusion splicers, test and measuring equipment are high-quality and reliable. For the Ministry of Defence, NATO and other clients we supply custom made measurement solutions such as a complete package of fiber optic materials including inspection and cleaning tools, power meters and light sources. Our tools are used on missions worldwide to build a reliable computer or communication network. You can always count on our support. 

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