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Pharmaceutical plungers inspection systems

The plunger inspection system is the world’s fastest inspection system for pharmaceutical plungers. This system is a result of 15 years development in high-speed plunger vision inspection for quality control within cleanroom conditions.

The specifications are:

  • 13 plungers/sec
  • Possible with different plunger types
  • Wide color range
  • Top bottom, outside and inside surface inspection
  • Stamping and shape faults
  • 100% quality control with a minimum defect detection of 100µm
  • The rejected parts are categorized in separate containers and statistically traced.
  • Good parts are exactly counted and automatically packed

For more aspects of the plunger inspection see our vision applications.

Pharma rubber plunger inside inspection

A HMI SCADA package with touch screen for machine set-up and control

By means of recipe selection, one for each rubber plunger type, all machine and inspection parameters and settings are automatically downloaded into the machine control.


Product flow inspection machine from bunker to bowl feeder


Plunger transport vacuum wheels


Camera cluster for surface inspection


Pharmaceutical plungers vision inspection system (built in 2011)