Top-of-the-range suppliers of pharmaceutical syringes supply 100% automatically vision verified ready to fill syringes, free of visible defects and contamination. This reduces end-of-line rejects and enhances product quality and patient safety.

Many biotechnologically manufactured medications, highly viscous or low-dosage drug formulations, and a series of oncologic and ophthalmologic medications make high demands of primary packaging like syringes. They should be free of defects and contamination in any stage of the production, fill or finish lines. To achieve and assure this level of quality, machine vision technology is a key process parameter.

Simac designs, builds and services systems to inspect syringes for possible dimensional or cosmetic defects like cracks, scratches, dirt and inclusions. Geometry (diameter and height) of the total syringe or parts are measured and logged if needed.

We typically use multiple cameras to capture in flight image data standards. Data will be provided on the on-board HMI and can be stored in a database according for further process analyses. Bespoke API’s are possible to connect to existing production management tools.

The system is typically placed in-line, and the results are saved per examined product, following defined production process standards.

100% vision inspection can detect “visible” defects even when less than 100 um in size. The high-end Vision systems can detect very small invisible defects like missing pieces of print or material. Further cracks, deformations and contamination. These defects can even be embedded in the material.

High speed, 100% vision inspection can detect defects even when less visible and 100 um or smaller in size. High-end systems available can even detect invisible defects that are embedded in product itself or too small to see with the human eye.

Defects of 50x50 um in size and smaller can be accurately detected, depending on the size of the vial and the Field of View. Please contact us for an expert advice.

Our systems are designed, engineered and built in house according to GMP standards. As an alternative we integrate our machine vision expertise in existing product lines. This in case when space is limited or specific integration is required.

We are used to provide bespoke systems in all life sciences areas and typically our machines are installed in ISO-5 or ISO-7 cleanrooms.