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Vegetable measuring machine

When French beans are being supplied to the processing industry the quality of the French beans differs a lot per supplier. The quality of the French bean depends on the land of origin and its local region, the type of plant, the regional weather, the amount of rainfall and the actual harvesting time in the summer.

As the price of the beans is determined by the average diameter, the length and the total weight supplied, a secure measuring system was needed. Representative sample batches of 2x 10Kg is taken from the supplied quantity. In the manual measuring process different diameter-calibers was used to determine the distribution of the diameters over the sample batches. A time consuming method and unfortunately open for discussion with the supplier. Simac was asked to develop a measurement system that could automatically measure and classify the sample batch. This inspection method can also be used for carrots and frozen frites.

10 kg French beans are about 3000 separate beans which can now be measured within 10 minutes due to individual bean separation and with an accuracy of 0,1mm in diameter and in length. The measurement is no longer depending on the operator and can be replayed to confirm the results easily.

Machine construction, French beans measuring unit, vegetable measuring


Feeder & measuring unit together

Vegetable measuring system (built in 2012)



                                                                  3D design

  Measuring three types of vegetables