Minimizing downtime in stopper production with SLA

Downtime is dangerous to any manufacturing group. After all, the old saying that compares time to money is true. If people or machines are idle, then products are not being made, which certainly affects the business’s bottom line — minimizing manufacturing downtime makes money for a company.

Minimizing manufacturing downtime means preventing machinery malfunctions. Outdated machines slow down the manufacturing process. Similarly, any machinery that continuously jams or breaks down has a huge negative impact on outcomes. Regular maintenance is important, as is installing new equipment.


There are several possibilities which can be used to minimize the downtime in case of problems.

  1. Start with training of the operators, service engineers for first line maintenance and Vision training for the engineers.

  2. For solving problems spare parts must be available. Every machine has a advised spare parts list.

  3. We also offer off-line support that allows you to request support by email or phone for a predetermined amount of hours. With off-line support, you also buy a priority with our Engineers.

  4. Remote access in combination with off-line support can save you costs. Because we are able to solve a lot of problems from out of our premises instead coming over to your plant. Remote access is possible continuous or by event.

  5. Preventive maintenance is one of the most important possibilities to minimize downtime. Our trained Field Service Engineers will perform a preventive maintenance mostly during 1 shift. If needed this can also be combined with training if needed.

  6. Curative maintenance is mostly solved by the service engineers at your plant. With help of the manuals, drawings and GUI most of the problems can be solved. If needed we can assist and advise to do this with help of Service Level Agreement. All aspects of curative maintenance are clearly defined in this SLA.

  7. Calibration  can be performed regally  for Calibration tools. 

  8. After the installation of the machine in your company, the developments will continue. We will inform you about new solutions for the existing machine. When a part is end of line we will sent you a solution for replacing with new parts. Also refurbishment is a possibility to increase the performance of the machine after several years of production.