28 March 2023

Less paper, more results

Working more efficiently, with fewer manual operations, and without any paper involved. Thanks to the cloud, this has become even more accessible for many organisations. Thanks to the cloud ... and thanks to Simac Document Solutions, which again showed solid growth in 2022.

So much data and documents lie beneath the processes in an organisation. How can we organise working with them more efficiently, faster and more securely, so that less paper is involved? How can we make those data and documents more widely accessible and usable? These are the questions Simac Document Solutions likes to be asked.

"Yes, it is true that many financial packages also have modules on services we provide. Those are standard modules. Those will be fine in some cases, mind you. But if the processes are just a bit more complex or just a bit different from standard, then we come around the corner."

Peter Bouwmans - General director Simac Document Solutions

The Ede-based organisation did so mainly in the automotive and manufacturing industries. In the past year, that definitely expanded to transport and logistics. "We started automating their processes for several large parties. This sector still works a lot with paper. Just think of all the packing slips. We started helping these organisations to make the move to the cloud in a very user-friendly way, for all layers in the organisation."

Working in the cloud

The cloud. Not so long ago, there was some trepidation left and right about working in the cloud, nowadays 'working in the cloud' has become a matter of course and even necessity. "Major players in software no longer even support on premise solutions. Therefore, we no longer need to convince customers to switch. It's mainly about guiding them through this in a good way."

Stable basis

Simac Document Solutions has pre-sorted its services in time for the move to the cloud. The company still works mainly on a contract basis with existing clients. "That started to pay off very quickly. You notice that customers, without exception, are enthusiastic about what we have to offer them, and soon extend their subscriptions."

That continuity in the order book lays a stable foundation under the company. However, Peter Bouwmans guards against his organisation going dormant. In 2022, it invested in a new ERP package, which went live on 1 January 2023. It should take the organisation's services to an even higher level.

Attracting new consultants

In 2023, he plans to follow that up: "We are incredibly service-oriented. Always on. Always ready. That's in Simac's DNA. Yet you also have to remain critical of your own organisation. We want to attract new consultants this year, who bring their own energy and ideas. That keeps us vital and sharp. And that is exactly what we want. The basis is there. But there are also opportunities to build on it even more. We are happy and eager to take up that challenge."

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