03 January 2024

Change of bank

At Simac, we switched from Deutsche Bank to Rabobank. This applies to all Simac companies within the holding company.

If you receive an invoice from us, you will see the new bank account number on it. We kindly ask you to change the number in your systems.

We have informed all our relations about this change via e-mail. We are very aware that in the current times (unfortunately) mails with a tenor like this are viewed suspiciously. Therefore, we deliberately did not include new bank account numbers in these mails, nor do we post them on this page.

If you would like to know the new bank account number relevant to you, please call our reception desk at +31 (0)40 258 29 44. They will personally give you all the information you need. Another option is to send an email to wijzigingbankrekeningnummer@simac.com.

We thank everyone for their understanding.