Simac Techniek

Six pillars

Put a dot on the horizon? And set course to that dot as an organization? That is not really what we believe in. At least, not for Simac. We are active in ICT and high-tech. Tomorrow’s challenges may be totally different from the ones we face today. For us, it is not about being able to look far ahead into the future and stick to dogmas, but about staying alert and moving with the market. That is why we don’t aim for growth, but guaranteeing continuity. We want to remain relevant tomorrow. And to make sure of that, we built Simac on six pillars.

Financially solid foundation

Like humans need oxygen, money is of vital importance for companies. You need it to exist and to run a business. In 2013, we took out the last bank loan, which we needed to delist our company. With renewed energy, we then started to grow in terms of turnover and performance. Our financially healthy foundation enables us to work on our own ambitions, to focus on continuous improvement and to learn from our mistakes, instead of being distracted by a focus on growth. We see the money we earn as ‘oxygen’, to strengthen our position and innovative strength.

Diversification of activities

Originally, we are a system integrator: using existing components, we create integrated solutions for our customers. We are active in several countries and are further expanding our activities into the fields of software applications and high-tech products and systems. We do this to ensure that we are not putting all our eggs in one basket; It makes us less vulnerable if one of our activities would encounter problems. Our activities in other fields and markets can then continue, helping us remain stable as a whole. We want to spread our risks.

Long-term contracts with customers

We believe in co-creation. In working together as customers and suppliers, to develop innovative solutions together; each contributing your own assets and expertise. We believe in a culture of trust, in working on tomorrow’s challenges with mutual respect. If you know each other through and through, you can anticipate developments in the market. That is why we prefer to enter into long-term contracts and relationships with all our customers. Long-term contracts give peace of mind and certainty, and therefore contribute to continuity.

Employee and culture are central

We want to offer our people a working environment where they feel safe and appreciated. An environment where they can maximize their capacities and develop their talents to become a professional and expert. We encourage our employees to pay attention to their physical and mental health. We offer an open culture where there is room for new influences and ideas. Where people can make mistakes, can communicate honestly and are stimulated to do the best they can. And an environment where new employees quickly feel at home.

Room for innovation

The demand for ICT continues to grow; that is what we are convinced of. If there is one sector that is and has to be innovative, it is this one. The stream of new developments in ICT is constant, and they come to us from various parties in the market. It is up to us to explore these developments. We are very critical in our explorations, and work in collaboration with our customers, while allowing room for personal growth and in the knowledge that one of those new developments may be the standard of the future.

Reponsible interaction with environment

This is not optional, in our opinion. We feel it is our obligation towards ourselves and the future. Towards our environment, our children and our grandchildren. We are very aware of the role we can play as a company and as individual professionals, and we want to make an active contribution. We are not doing it just for show, to be able to add another label or mark to our products, but want to make the world around us and the world of tomorrow a better place.