31 December 2019

Merging of Simac companies

With effect from January 1, 2020, we have formally merged four Simac companies into one new organization: Simac IT NL bv. This company focuses on the Dutch IT market from its Veldhoven, Ede, Baarn and Hoogeveen locations.

The new Simac IT NL bv is the result of a merger of the companies Simac ICT Nederland bv, Simac Business Solutions bv, Simac Phobos bv and Simac B.sis bv. In practice these four companies have already been managed by one management team in the past two years. From 1 January 2020, the merger has also been formalized by bringing all activities together in one company.

Coordinate processes

"With this step we also formally bring our four Dutch IT companies together," explains CEO Eric van Schagen. “Two years ago we started internally to coordinate all processes with the ultimate goal of building a stable and future-oriented organization. The next logical step is to bring everything together in one company, certainly to simplify administrative processes."

Delivery of IT services

On a daily basis the approximately 600 Simac employees of Simac IT NL are delivering IT services to customers throughout the Netherlands. These customers are medium-sized and large companies from various branches, with the emphasis in the retail and healthcare sector. The IT services are concentrated around cloud services, networking, IT security, workplace and business applications (especially SAP services).

Family business

The Simac family business provides similar services in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Czech Republic through separate companies. In addition, the Simac group has a dozen other companies that provide specialized solutions in defined markets under the Smart Technology banner. These activities are also performed in England, Germany and France.