For multiple types of cans, metal food containers with an rate of 12 to 15 cans/sec. depending on the size,
Simac was asked to produce a quality assurance system that could detect:

  • ​folded edge inspection for good seam result of container and lid

  • detection of dents

  • detection of internal scratches and missing internal galvanization

  • presence of the seal tape over the vertical seam

  • contamination inside the container before filling

  • OCR optical character reading  label- content check

  • end station X-Ray inspection for contaminations

                                       can line-up for production


folded edge inspection result reject              folded edge inspection result ok


contamination inspection before


dents at top of the can                                     dents at the bottom of the can


optical character reading (OCR) of the           barcode and OCR to compare content
info and check of expire date                         and the lid product check of expire date


                                    X-Ray inspection on finished product