For pharmaceutical rubber stoppers Simac has developed the world’s fastest inspection system. This system is already the fourth generation in its kind and is a result of 15 years development in, automated high-speed rubber stopper vision inspection for quality control within cleanroom conditions.

The system design is flexible to be able to adapt to different products and/or specific customer needs. In general the definition is as follows:

  • Suitable for coated and non-coated stoppers
  • Up to 10-12 stoppers per second, depending on the product.
  • Wide product range Ø12-35mm
  • Wide colour range
  • Various inspection categories
  • Top, Bottom, outside  and inside surface inspection
  • Stamping and shape faults

100% quality control with minimum defect detection of 100 µm square

                                                            black and white fiber detection

                                                             fiber and spots detection

                                                           metal spear, spots and fibers

                                                             fiber and contamination

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