The plunger inspection system is the world’s fastest inspection system for pharmaceutical plungers. This system is a result of more than 10 years development in high-speed plunger vision inspection for quality control within cleanroom conditions.

The specifications are:

  1. Inspection speed 10 plungers/sec
  2. Possible with different plunger types
  3. Wide colour range
  4. Various inspection categories
  5. Top bottom, outside and inside surface inspection
  6. Stamping and shape faults
  7. 100% quality control with a minimum defect detection of 0.01mm2
  8. The rejected parts are categorized in separate containers and statistically traced.
  9. Good parts are exactly counted and automatically packed

Typical defects the plunger inspection system will detect

deformation top

deformation bottom


burst and slices & rupture and fiber



compound contamination & surface contamination


surface roughness & fiber contamination