The most important step in the retail process is when your customer goes to checkout. It is the important link where all efforts come together. Simac helps you make the right choice, install and manage the perfect checkout solution. Payment systems are crucial for facilitating transactions and generating sales. In addition, the method of checkout determines a large part of the customer experience. Guide your customer to checkout and ensure a smooth payment experience. As much, as often and as easily as possible.

Checkout with generous attention to your customer

Classic checkout solutions remain relevant in retail. Think of the normal checkout where the customer is served at a fixed location and also checks out. Stable, user-friendly technology allows employees to perform tasks efficiently. This ensures real attention for the customer. A popular addition to the familiar checkout is the "chat checkout". A checkout where the employee can take extra time to meet the customer's social needs. User-friendly checkout systems create space for real social connection.

Efficient self-checkout

A user-friendly self-checkout provides shoppers with a payment method to complete their shopping experience with more control. Customers looking to store efficiently often prefer quick checkout with minimal human interaction. In stores with self-checkout options, waiting times are lower and lines are shorter. Store personnel are left with more time for other tasks such as punctual stocking and advising shoppers. And that benefits the customer experience.

Mobile and flexible checkout

SoftPOS payment solutions go a step further and give retailers the ability to let shoppers checkout at any place and time. Both inside and outside the physical store. With SoftPOS applications, PDAs turn into mobile cash registers, dramatically increasing the flexibility of the checkout process. The mobile payment solution offers many opportunities when combined with pick-up points and home delivery, extending the convenience of efficient checkout to any location. Physical transactions are no longer limited to the cash register, giving retailers the freedom to be where your customers are.

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