Are you looking for a cloud infrastructure that offers a full-featured solution? With which you can easily migrate your entire ICT landscape to the cloud? An innovative platform that allows seamless integration of a private and public cloud? Fast and reliable, with which you are ready for the future?

Hybrid Cloud Ready

Until recently, a Hybrid Cloud Ready solution was a big challenge. With the arrival of Cloud|NEXT, this is now all possible! Based on the latest technologies, Simac has taken the concept of Hybrid Cloud to the next level. IT management has never been easier.

The benefits of Cloud|NEXT from Simac

Simple, fast and flexible

Onboarding to Cloud|NEXT is fast. From the moment of onboarding, you can scale up and down additional capacity at the touch of a button. You only pay for what you actually use, at predictable and controllable costs.

Hybrid Cloud Ready in high speed

With Cloud|NEXT you work just as easily, and more securely, in your own business private cloud at Simac as in a public cloud environment such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure or Oracle Cloud. Applications in both environments work together optimally, thanks to Cloud|Exchange: the secure digital highway that connects you to the public cloud in high speed!

Cloud hosting the way you want it

Whether it concerns private cloud hosting, hybrid cloud, (physical) servers, legacy equipment or additional services: at Simac, you can set up your infrastructure exactly as you want it. Flexible and modular.

Strictest security requirements and AlwaysON Cloud

Simac's Cloud|NEXT meets the strictest security requirements and has all the necessary certificates, including ISO27001/NEN7510, TIER3+ and TIER4. We store all your data in the Netherlands, so your private cloud is fully subject to Dutch and European legislation. Security takes place up to application level. Do your systems require very high availability? Then we store your data in two locations synchronously with our AlwaysON solution. We use redundancy through double lines to guarantee maximum continuity.

Simac's total solution

What makes us unique is that we can offer you a total solution. When you choose Simac, you have access to no fewer than 15 additional services, such as workplace equipment and security and networking services. And: always personal with a single point of contact. Guaranteed!

Welcome to Simac
Hi, I'm Nick de Kuijer. Do you want to know more about Cloud|NEXT? Then request a introductory meeting. Takes only 15 minutes.

Why Cloud|NEXT?

Predictable costs
Physical servers to be taken away
Housing of legacy systems
Your data is in the Netherlands