The dynamic nature of the retail industry requires a proactive approach to technology management. Our Store Technology Refreshment goes beyond simple hardware replacement. It is a strategic combination of store consulting and management where we refresh the technology landscape based on your retail needs and market trends. Our Store Technology Refreshment service helps you make future-proof investment decisions with a keen eye on total cost of ownership.

From the base - your installed base

We start with an analysis of the current installed base - the hardware and software components currently in use in your stores. In doing so, we look at the technology itself and its life cycle. When is something end of life or end of support? Which components are showing failures and thus impeding the efficiency of your operations?

Internal data and insights

We also conduct a thorough analysis based on internal data. This data comes from information from our monitoring, measurements of user experience over the past few years, and data from vendors. The analysis provides valuable insights into the performance of the components currently in use and reveals potential improvement opportunities for your technology infrastructure.

External data and insights

In addition, we include external data in the analysis. Simac carefully follows market trends and supplier developments and we know what is going on in the retail business. By integrating these external factors with our internal data, we not only offer a reactive, but also a proactive approach to renew and optimize retail technology. You will receive advice that responds perfectly to the unique requirements of your retail formula.

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