Simac | Your Space is a mature, flexible workplace. Because we understand that every organisation has specific preferences and requirements, you can expand the workplace concept with additional options.  

Flexible and dynamic workplace

The solid basis

Each flexible workplace contains a set of standard applications made available by Simac. They include all the Microsoft Office 365 online tools. In addition, other fixed components supplement this basis; the social Intranet, business applications, access to data, convenient display of company news and cloud printing. 

“Simac | Your Space offers a complete and flexible workplace and more! In addition to full Microsoft functionality, the user has plenty of room to personalise the digital workplace even more by adding additional applications from a wide range available in the Your Space app store.”

Chris Deli - Product Owner Simac | Your Space, Simac IT NL

Your Space app store

The app store is part of the Your Space environment and offers a wide range of productively deployable tools. Users enjoy ongoing flexibility through the ability to select and install applications themselves. This allows users to extend their personal interface of the flexible workplace with suitable programs for each project. 

User support of the flexible workplace

Thanks to various forms of IT support, there is appropriate support for every question. Business continuity and uptime are essential, so instant assistance for users with questions is indispensable. The always-available virtual assistant acts as the primary point of contact. In addition, there is the option to expand the user support of the flexible workplace with the Simac | Your Expert Desk. Such as, for example, widening the service window, on-site support or VIP support.  

Flexible workplace employees in a meeting

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